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I parked next to the 4x4. Sit I took my jeans and a jacket, smoothed her dress, and I threw normal driving conditions, change of shoes in my shoes sexy gold needle. I also used my favorite bright lipstick. Actually becomes the owner of the 4x4 would be in little time and the curiosity to look in my car. I felt very hot and I thought I could go for a walk, as it is so dark that it was highly unlikely that anyone is left. I would tubaholic be cautious steps when I heard a male voice groaned. I voted for the tree behind which seemed to come, and as I rounded surprised me masturbating on a tubaholic very busy man, thick coat hanging open hand for a rock hard cock. The penis was stiff and very beautiful bright moonlight, and I felt like a magnet draws to overcome my fear of my heart beat now. The next thing I knew, I knelt before him and his mouth around the hull, so sticky precum. I kissed her lips and madeTick ​​marks, then licked up and down the shaft upright as I grabbed her hair and pulled me towards her. ' You're a whore and I'm going to fuck now,' were his first words to me. Without further ado, I threw it on the 4x4, lifted the tailgate, including me in it, closed the door, jumped to the front and climbed on his back to the lady join. ' Kneel bitch,' he shouted. I went on my hands and knees inside the dirty mattress and instinctively lifted my ass. The floor was littered with used condoms, so I figured one would be with me. He pushed my dress, I tore the silk underwear aside, and pushed two fingers - wet with his precum - deep in my pussy man. I was gagging now. 'Please fuck me, you're right, tubaholic I'm an ordinary dog ​​, plese fill tubaholic my hole with hot milk, please,' I asked. ' You've asked a bitch,' she said and then retired with his fingers, now pushes the rock hard cock against my ass crack and pushed him hard deep intor my pussy hole, right to the top, until I felt his hairy balls until my cheeks. It was at that moment I realized I could not have had time to put on a condom, but I was so excited that there was no way I would say. I pumped more and more, until at the time, complained loudly and filled me with its creamy hot sauce. When he does, he made his men strong arms around me and I rubbed the satin dress and adjust my nipples are very sensitive. This made me cry like tubaholic a baby and shoot my load little ladybug in my underwear wet and shouted, ' je suis salope vraie links ' (in French because I 'm a real bitch). He pulled out his penis and wiped it clean Spermy on the back tubaholic of my beautiful dress, before I moved out of the car and left. I returned to my car and sat in silence for several minutes to regain composure, a feeling of moisture beneath me, like semen dripping from me in the car seat. As I write this at home, I feel even more in the future dribbling my husband does and panties pussy even wetter. Even so, my satin party dress dirty, I'm in a trance and has to think in just the third time in the same underwear, what happens before. I only pray that next week ! I do not think we ever do laundry ! tubaholic What a trophy!
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